Brain Injury Specialists are exceptional therapists with expertise in rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury and other neurological injuries and illnesses. Their expertise in rehabilitation provided within the individuals’s home and community is essential to maximizing patient’s independence and re-entry into complex social and work situations. The functional outcomes and personal stories of success for individuals with traumatic brain injury have been truly remarkable. It has been a privilege to work with BIS in multidisciplinary rehabilitation of numerous patients. They are consistently one of the best in providing coordinated multidisciplinary rehabilitation therapies in the complex natural setting and achieving the best outcomes for patients.

Robert Tomaszewski, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Neuropsychologist

Brain Injury Specialists has been a life saver for me. I was discharged from the hospital In February 2015 after spending 4 weeks in ICU and 2 weeks in acute physical rehabilitation. I had suffered a brain injury due to a fall and had sustained significant cognitive damage. Brain Injury Specialists began my home rehab program within the week after I was discharged.

I received Occupational Therapy to re-integrate me into the activities of daily living, Speech Therapy to help improve my memory as well as the level of interpretation of what I read saw and heard and Physical Therapy to retrain me on endurance and basic motor skills I had lost. My case manager was out to see me and make sure all services were scheduled even before I had started some of the therapies.

I am now cooking, one of my hobbies, driving and showing my dogs in shows again. I’ve returned to reading, another passion of mine, and actually retaining what I’ve read, is a wonderful achievement and I’ve also lost a few pounds as a result of getting on an exercise program that they developed to assist with my balance issues.

Currently I’m looking for a full time job and enjoying life again. All thanks to the experts at Brain Injury Specialists. In all, their program is a well developed and professionally administrated rehabilitation program. A big thanks to the entire team at Brain Injury Specialists.

Nancy S.,

My special thanks to each and every one of you for helping me recover from brain surgery- and for helping me get back out into the community. I am so fortunate to have been accepted into the BIS program and receive Home and Community therapy from the best! Thank you all- very much!

Your grateful patient, B.J.,

Brain Injury Specialists was recommended to us after other inpatient programs refused to take our son following his TBI. BIS evaluated our son at our home, and said that they would do their best to take care of the approval process with his health insurance and explained their program fully. We were relieved that he could have 3 modalities of therapy ( OT, PT, and Speech therapy) in the comfort of his home and familiar community environment. BIS delivered on their promise and the therapy has been just short of amazing in the progress our son has made in a short 8 weeks. The therapists are exceptional people; professional and kind. Our son has been given the blessing of receiving top notch therapy, and he is well along his road to recovery thanks to BIS.